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The bird who ate the clouds

Sophie Dri Desprez

Enhanced book – 15 pages – Text and illustrations – Colors

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Enhanced version of the tale for children (3-5 years) written and drawn by Sophie Dri Desprez.

You will find all the text and drawings of the paper version but increased with animations and sounds making the whole even more poetic.

It can be read on computer, tablet, smartphone, all systems combined.

Procedure: You get this PDF (which is a complete fixed version of the tale) and find inside the information necessary to read and/or download the animated version.

As always with us, there is no DRM and it can be shared, reasonably :-), around you.

Have a good reading!


Ecureuil petit


“At the end of winter — between the roots of the tall beeches, in the heart of the deepest forests — a small bird emerges with his dazzling blue feathers, as blue as the summer sky.
He pulls himself out of the humus where the egg was buried, which his mother had delicately placed at the very beginning of the previous autumn.
He then covers it with a thick layer of rich brown earth, which is also light and fragrant, to shelter it from
the extreme cold that reigns during the darkest days of the year.

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